Tackling climate change - the extensive damage that greedy & corrupt humans brought upon us all - would require significant policies and laws to change everything humans do. Such change would have to be put into place by governments and every single person would have to abide by the changes.

Unfortunately, humans do not have the capacity to make such change on the scale required. Greed always wins out over sacrifice and change for the good of all. Humans still kill each other, individually and with war, for profit. The rich not only whine about paying their fair share of necessary societal costs but do everything possible to weasel out of doing so.

Look at our government- two people are allowed to bring everything to an absolute halt - one for her ego and the other for his greed and ego. No voting rights, child care credits, climate change policies. Why would anyone think humanity would ever work together to save the planet the richest countries have willingly and greedily destroyed?

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